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LED Candle Light

Piller Type
5*10 (XL)
5*5 (L)
3*5 (M)
3*2 (S)

Candle holder

Polished big square type
Polished small square type
Polished round type
Polished big ball type
Polished small ball type
Frosted big ball type
Frosted small ball type

Masaic ball type



Rich Rose candles, the green LED candle combined with the nature, handcrafts and technologies.
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Why RICH ROSE candle light is so good?

100% pure non-toxic paraffin wax

To make the candle, our candle masters use 100% pure paraffin wax, warping the
latest LED technologies into the candle and to shape it with traditional candle making
methods. This delicate handwork makes each LED candle nique and one of a kind.
Because of the nature of wax, the reflecting lights is shining vivid as the real candles.
The two-side glow makes the illumination brighter and shiner, totally different from
the plastic products.

Smoke, fire and mess free

Because of the LED technologies, the candle is smoke and heat free. It keeps
the air clean. Its none-flame light avoids the danger of fire; no drippy wax for easy cleaning.

Rechargable and power saving

The lithium battery in the candle can be used repetitive at least 4,000 hours.
Becasue our candle charges power directly through USB cord or power charger,
it will never replace the battery which creatsthe least waste and pollution
than the traditional batteries.

Cost saving

Unlike the traditional candles, they were gone when burned out. Our candle will never
be cremated. It saves money from keep purchasing the new candles.

How it works?

The candle turns on and off by flipping over. Simple and Easy. On top of the page
is the film of live demonstration of how to use the candles.

All these considerate designs are only for one purpose, to bring the great atmosphere,
with ease and safe to you and your loving ones under the condition of minimizing
the pollution to our environment. With so many benefits offered, we are here proudly to say,
Rich Rose candle light, the best green candle solution for you.

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